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Building Indoor Swimming Pools – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Indoor Swimming Pool Construction The benefits of adding a swimming pool to your home are clear. There’s nothing like aquatic recreation to provide healthful exercise and fun for your family. In Minnesota, however, our outdoor environment means that any outdoor pool only gets used for about six months out of the year. That fact, alone, means that residential property owners often consider an indoor swimming pool. Year-round availability is the key factor that stimulates a desire to build a swimming pool indoors. By building your swimming pool indoors, you double the time you, your family and your guests can enjoy water recreation in Minnesota. The exercise and just sheer fun of your own swimming pool is enhanced when it’s always available, no matter what the weather is outdoors. With an indoor pool, you can swim anytime you please.

Indoor Swimming Pools Design & Construction

Before undertaking an indoor pool project, it’s important to recognize that there are distinct differences between indoor and outdoor swimming pools. These differences mean that extra consideration needs to be given to the design of the pool and the structure where it’s built. Only an experienced pool designer and builder has the knowledge and experience to create a pool that works perfectly indoors. Some of the issues that must be considered include:

Experienced Indoor Pool Builder – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

As the leading swimming pool builder in Minnesota, we have noticed an upswing in the number of indoor pools that we are building. They are becoming an enticing option for many Minnesota owners of luxury homes. The desirability of year-round water recreation is a compelling reason to consider an indoor swimming pool. The cost for an indoor pool is higher than for an outdoor pool, of course, but that is often outweighed by the year-round ability to use the pool. Different types of properties have different reasons for creating an indoor pool.

The Atlantis Pool & Spa team of pool consultants, designers, and builders knows all the issues involved with indoor swimming pools. Our 30+ years of experience help us solve any problems to create an ideal aquatic recreational environment in Minnesota, especially in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, from excavation and construction to ventilation and humidity control. Contact us as soon as you’re considering creating an indoor pool. We can help you understand the issues with these pools and show you how our expertise and experience can help you achieve year-round enjoyment with an indoor pool of your own.